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Monday to Sunday: 9am - 5.30pm

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Glendoick Garden Centre, Glencarse, Perth, PH2 7NS


February in the Garden at Glendoick

Ken Cox suggests Plants for early colour and jobs to do in the garden this month

Ken Cox's choice of gardening jobs and plants to bring February colour to the garden.

bulbs Galanthus landscape VG Colour in the Garden in February:  

Helleborus Orientalis (Lenten Rose),

Garrya elliptica  'James Roof' (Silktassel Bush),  

Bergenia (Elephant's Ears),

Forsythia (in early seasons)

Early bulbs: snowdrops, Tete a Tete, Crocus

Ken Cox on planting early vegetable seeds

Fruit and Veg cold frame shutterstock_78094345

Fruit and Vegetables:

early potatoes should be planted this month. If you are in a cold, inland garden you can start off the potatoes indoors (chitting). Make sure they don’t get frosted in the ground: protect the sprouting potatoes by mounding up soil to cover any emerging shoots. 

Sow seeds: Sow chillies & peppers in a warm place/propagator.



Use a deep layer of organic matter such as coarse bark to help to condition the soil, suppress weed growth, insulate plant roots from temperature fluctuations, and conserve soil moisture during the summer. 

Use home made compost on vegetable patches and mulch with bark chips on established shrubs and trees.

Prune Shrubs:

Late summer-flowering deciduous shrubs can be hard pruned between February and March:

Buddleja davidii, Hydrangea paniculata, Lavatera (mallow), Leycesteria, Perovskia, hardy fuchsias. Prune Wisteria.


Clumps of herbaceous perennials that you want to propagate, those that have become too large for their allotted space, and those that are flowering poorly or have lost their shape.  Dig them up and pull them apart, using 2 forks if neccessary. Keep all the bits with white healty roots. You can re plant larger pieces or pot up small pieces. 

Ken Cox on Spring bulbs at Glendoick

 6 $primroses

Bedding in February:

Primroses and early Pansies are in and coming into flower now.

Lots of potted bulbs are in, excellent for jazzing up containers for early colour.