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Monday to Sunday: 9am - 5.30pm

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Glendoick Garden Centre, Glencarse, Perth, PH2 7NS


Saturday 12th OCTOBER 2019
10.00am - 2.00pm

Connect with nature through meditation and yoga then plant your wishes into a miniature garden basket.
£30 per person Meditation, yoga, miniature garden, vegan food
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Online booking closes at Friday 11th October 12:00PM

Glendoick Garden Centre

Glendoick Perth, Perth, PH2 7NS, Scotland
Garden of Transformation
Garden of Transformation
Garden of Transformation
Garden of Transformation
Garden of Transformation
Garden of Transformation

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Garden of Transformation - Yoga & Creativity Workshop

Connect with nature through meditation and yoga then plant your wishes into a miniature garden basket.
Life is exactly like a garden, it’s the space where you are free to create anything imaginable.
Welcome Ceremony with Meditation
Grounding yoga , (no experience)
Make-and-take your own miniature garden basket
Planting your seeds with intuitive writing
Vegan Food and Tea

Tickets available here >>> £30 plus £1.85 booking fee

Life is a place where you plant your wishes and ideas like seeds in the soil and where you cultivate your goals, passions and whatever you want to grow and transform in your existence.
The only person capable of caring for your garden is you .
In our workshop we are going to start from your roots to find your connection with nature through meditation.
If the weather allows we will spend some time outside in the beautiful garden working on your Root Chakra, which provides the foundation on which you build your life. The Root Chakra supports you in growing and feeling safe,  anchoring your positive energy. When it is imbalanced everything you are building cannot be stable, like the foundations of a house.
Our yoga teacher Martina will then guide you to ground your roots with simple asanas. When you spend too much time thinking, your energy is directed upwards into your minds. This creates imbalance and stress and it makes you feel confused and flighty, taking you away from emotional stability and clarity of mind. Yoga will help you bringing your focus to your body and its connection to the earth.
After yoga we will have a relaxing break with wonderful vegan recipes and tea prepared by our Italian cook, Valentina and you will then create your vision for your Life garden asking yourselves what kind of life you want, what you want to achieve and change, what you want to do, have, experience. You will write down with your own words what is really important for you right now, because your garden is an intimate space and you can’t grow everything at once. You’ll prioritize and focus your energy on what you need now.
You will then deeply prepare yourself to welcome this transformation into your new awareness.
Whatever it is that you decide to plant in your garden, it won’t grow well unless you have healthy and fertile soil which can create the habits and conditions you need every day. You need to choose the right seeds for you to reap what you sow. You will also work in couples to be sure you can recognize your own harvest.
And like plants depend on climate, temperature, sunlight, your intentions depend on your strength, your weaknesses, your character, the people surrounding you. You will literally plant your wishes into your miniature garden basket . Material will be provided but bring something small with you that you will add to your creative garden.
We will work with the meaning of flowers and the help of animals to design your own new world and bring cleansing and guidance. And just as a garden needs constant tending, so do your goals and dreams.
And you will need to have patience and trust the process.
“You can’t pull on the plants and expect them to grow faster.”
What to bring with you:
Some tiny items you have at home to add to your miniature garden basket, a notebook incase you feel like writing something, a personal object for our ceremony.


Tickets available here >>> £30 plus £1.85 booking fee


Led by Invisible Caims, Giada Gaslini - Originally from Milan she started very early on to be a serious traveller around the world.

She was moved by a deep curiosity first, as her father used to take her to watch airplanes.

She therefore ended up spending all her savings moving around in adventures like driving along 23,000 Km in Australia in a campervan or spending one month in a monastery in Nepal to receive Buddhist teachings which are now the great key and source of her spiritual quest.

Giada was swinging back and forth in many directions but not driven inside to see her happiness blowing.

As a result of this constant migrating Giada has also been a writer, co-author of a non-profit book with other 33 Italian women (“Donne che emigrano all’estero”- “Women moving abroad”) to tell their stories in different countries.

Wandering in search for answers Giada has been learning to heal herself with holistic therapies instead of traditional medicine becoming a passionate practitioner of Hatha Yoga, Reiki, Reflexology, Ayurveda, Meditation, Acupunture, Regressive Hypnosis, Crystals Reading, Medicine Cards Reading in order to nourish her body and mind.

And where does Art fit in to all of this?

Apart from writing, her creativity had been hidden only showing up in 2013 when Giada moved to live in Scotland and was recalled by a strong dejavu from a past life in Edinburgh that literally gave her a new birth. In this city, that hosts the biggest Art Festival in the world, the Fringe, where half of your friends are artists and you end up painting yourself, she started the first project of Invisible Caims, Drink In Art, organizing private exhibition in local flats to promote locally based artists.

She realized that painting and music were helping her emotions flow out and she was healing using a holistic approach. She was enchanted and decided to use her twenty years experience as an Events Planner (organising all sorts of worldwide events), to merge her Art and Spirituality background together into Invisible Caims.

Giada says "Travels have become transformational journeys, retreats where I like inviting Art professionals or Holistic facilitators to work for the benefit of our lovely tribe, our Inner Explorers in the longest journey ever: from our Mind to our Heart."

Feel more flexible, toned, supple and relaxed with yoga!
14 & 28 Feb, 13 & 27 March

Yoga - Winter Workshop

Feel more flexible, toned, supple and relaxed with yoga!
No need to book just come along. First Thursday of the month 10am to 12pm
First Thursday in the month

Knit and Natter

No need to book just come along. First Thursday of the month 10am to 12pm