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Mail order nursery is not open to the public except to customers by appointment. Plants cannot be lifted or chosen while you wait.


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Garden Centre Opening Times


Monday to Sunday: 9am - 5.30pm


Monday to Saturday: 9am - 5pm
Sunday: 10am - 5pm

Cafe closes at 45 minutes before Garden Centre closing time.

Garden Opening Times 2017

1st April - 31st May
Open 7 days 10am - 4pm.

Tickets must be purchased from the garden centre till before driving up to the gardens.

Glendoick Garden Centre, Glencarse, Perth, PH2 7NS


Glendoick Gardens Mail Order

  • Rhododendrons  500 varieties
  • Azaleas 100 Varieties
  • Clethra, Kalmia & Enkianthus
  • Camellia
  • Hydrangea
  • Meconopsis
  • Epimedium
  • Hardy Ferns

Note that the nursery is run separately from the garden centre on a different site nearby.

How To Order from Glendoick's nursery

1. The best way to order is on our online webshop. Glendoick webshop/online catalogue 

Stock levels are kept up to date and you can filter and limit your choice to help you select the best plants for the job.

2. We can send you a 48 page colour catalogue and order form. Send us an e mail to with your name and address.

3. You can e mail an enquiry to the nursery detailing what you are looking for. If you are not sure then describe your site and what you want and we will help you choose.

All orders must be received on line, by letter, e mail or fax. Orders CANNOT be accepted over the telephone.

Orders/reservations may be made at any time.

Plant Dispach

We grow mainly bare-rooted stock in the open ground. We therefore send out plants Early October-1st April ONLY. Remaining stock is potted for our garden centre, for collection only.

We send plants to the UK and Ireland and all over Europe. 

Japan orders require to be rootwashed and we ae not currently able to export to Japan (2016).

We don’t export to North America, Australia or New Zealand.

Minimum Orders & discounts:

U.K. £50 (ex Vat), Europe £100 (ex Vat).


Quantity Discounts (for plants, excluding specimen plants and books)

  • £250-499 (ex VAT) 5% discount
  • £501-999 (ex VAT) 10% discount 
  • £1001-2000 (ex VAT 15% discount 
  • £2001+ (ex VAT) 20% discount


Advantages of open-ground over container production

Glendoick is the only U.K. Rhododendron grower to still grow most rhododendrons in the open ground. Maddenia and Evergreen azaleas are container grown. Open ground culture several advantages and benefits over container culture:

  • -better and quicker establishment of plants in the garden. Container-grown plants are usually supplied in pots which are too small which causes plants to become pot-bound. The roots cannot break out of the pot shape, establishment is poor and or slow and pot-grown plants take longer to acclimatize to wind and drought.
  • -Open ground plants are hardier and suffer less disease (mildew, etc) than those grown indoors in tunnels etc.
  • -Open ground production requires little or no peat, fewer chemicals and less water.
  • -Some varieties such as souliei are very poor when container-grown.
  • -It allows easier packing and posting and cheaper postal charges.

Larger/Specimen Plants We offer a limited range, 6-10 years old. Demand tends to exceed supply. Ask for the specimen/large plant list or find them online. Specimen plants CANNOT be posted. Customers should collect these plants from the nursery or we can deliver plants locally in our van. In the case of large orders, we may be able to arrange transport by specialist horticultural freight hauliers.

Hardiness Ratings

H5 & H6 Very hardy: -18C (0F) and colder, UK well inland, amongst hills, much of N Europe.
H4 Hardy: Suitable for most of UK areas, including fairly well inland, coastal Europe.
H3 Fairly hardy: coastal and sheltered UK gardens.
H2 Rather tender. For mild gardens: west and south UK, Ireland, Brittany West
H1 Tender: Mildest U.K. west-coast islands and western coastline.