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May in the Garden with Glendoick

27th December 2016

Everything is starting to grow now: buds swelling, blossom opening, leaves unfurling. You might need some fleece to protect your early flowers on frosty nights in inland gardens. Try to take fleece off again before it gets wet as heavy wet fleece can do more damage than not having it.

May is the month to plant:

Raymond Evison Clematis

Normally £15.99, for a limited period only £13.99

The world's greatest Clematis breeder Raymond Evison is based in Guernsey. Each year new varieties are launched at Chelsea and we have lots of his amazing varieties in stock right now, about to burst into flower.   


Dwarf rhododendrons

Glendoick’s are the world’s leading specialists in dwarf rhododendrons and have bred over 30 different hybrids, all with bird names: Ptarmigan, Curlew, Crane, Razorbill and many more. You’ll find a full range at Glendoick with flowers in April & May

Perennials and Alpines

huge range in now. coming into flower Aquilegia (columbine), Scabious, Iberis, Aubretia, Trillium, and lots more


full range in now.  Climbers, David Austin, Shrub.   Patio Roses will be in later on, at the end of May.


April and May are the months to plant herbs. Plant out the hardy ones: thyme, mint etc first and leave the more tender herbs such as basil till early June. 

Vegetable Plants 

You’ll find our full range of vegetable plants coming in each week. Beans hate cold and cold winds so protect them with fleece on cold nights and with beans, pot a few up and keep them indoors as an insurance in case the weather turns cold.


Feed and Weed: this is the time of year to feed your lawn. If there is a lot of moss or weeds, use Evergreen Complete which combines feed, weedkiller and mosskiller.

Sowing Grass Seed

Best time: April-May/ late August & September when soil is warming up but its not too hot and dry.

  • The better the preparation, the better the results.

  • Eliminate weeds with weedkiller, or hand weed.

  • Dig or rotovate the site to a depth of 20-25cm (8-10in).

  • Ensure surface is level:, tread the area several times in different directions and then rake several times also in different directions. (not in wet weather)

  • Apply & rake in 70g per sq m (2oz per sq yd) of general-purpose fertiliser.

  • Sow the grass seed evenly according to instructions on the box & lightly rake over to cover seeds with soil.

  • If weather is dry, water gently. Keep birds off.

  • Avoid walking on it for 3-4 weeks

  • Dont cut grass short till well established.

lawn Lawns shutterstock_88498804

Bedding Plants for border, containers and hanging baskets 

Ideally, bedding plants should be planted in May.  But be aware that cold nights and east winds can damage them, so you may need to fleece them in severe weather.  Our bedding plants are grown right here in the Carse of Gowrie: local plants, at the perfect time to plant them.  £3.49 per pack, 4 for £12

For hanging baskets, line your basket well and add a fertilizer-rich compost.  Use trailing plants for the sides of your basket. Water well and keep them fed so they flower all summer. You can plant with slow release fertiliser which feeds all summer long.



May Plant Offers

Hardy Fuchsia 
Special offer  £6.99 2 for £11

Few plants give as much flower over such a long period as the hardy fuchsias, with blooming from June to the first frosts. Grow in moist but well-drained soil, in sun or light shade. In coastal gardens, hardy fuchsias tend to grow larger and larger each year, while in colder more inland gardens they tend to be cut back to ground level after cold winters. Tolerant of salt spray and wind, and can be grown very close to the sea. Ideal for containers.



Deciduous Azaleas   £17.99 2 for £30

Amazing range of colour, many are sweetly scented

 rhododendron Deciduous azalea hybrids collage

Selected Evergreen azaleas

 £11.95 2 for £20

Canzonetta (pink), Glendoick Goblin (red), Walter's Pinwheel (pink-purple), Squirrel (red, late)

 rhododendron Evergreen azaleas collage A-G

New Plants  Plant Digitalis Illu8mination

Digitalis Illumination Collection:

Includes: Cherry Brandy, Flame and Pink

Normal Price £9.99.  Special Price £7.99



Weigela ‘Black and White’

Popular tough shrub: white flowers &
bronze leaves. H5, very hardy.

 Plant Weigela-Black-and-White-001