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Woodland Rhododendron Hybrids at Glendoick

Available from Glendoick Gardens    Hardiness H3 to H4

Size to 2-3m or so in 10-15 years, ultimately up to 4m or more.

These large growing plants with spectacular flowers and sometimes foliage too, are less robust than their hardy hybrid cousins and are usually closer to their species parents. Perfectly hardy in moderate and milder climates such as the south of England, Ireland, Western and coastal Scotland. In more inland and colder gardens with spring or early Autumn frosts, these do best in woodland conditions or a sheltered urban garden, as they can be prone to bark split.

  • Scented large flowers: Loderi, Calfort, Polar Bear
  • Stunning multicoloured flowers: Lem's Cameo, Jingle Bells,
  • Orange flowers: Fabia, September Song
  • Spectacular foliage: All Gold, Sir Charles Lemon, Red & Gold

ALL GOLD H3-4 Med M Bright red. NEW Leaves bright yellow with resistance to sunburn in Scotland. Selected at Glendoick. Sport of 'Red and Gold'

Rhododendron All Gold

CALFORT BOUNTY H4 Tall M * Scented white fls with a reddish throat. More robust than 'Loderi' and almost as fine. A spectacular giant, rarely offered.

Rhododendron CrestCREST H3-4 Tall ML The classic yellow with pure unspotted flowers. Tall, best with some wind shelter. Hard to propagate and rarely offered. A good plant for woodland gardens.

FABIA H3-4 Low-Med ML Lovely orange-salmon, in loose trusses. One of the best of the orange varieties. Best with some shelter.

JINGLE BELLS H4 Med ML Pendant orange-yellow-cream with red centres. Free flowering, compact, and always attracts comment.

LEM'S CAMEO H3-4 Low M Combination of apricot, cream and pink, spotted red in the throat, frilly. The parent of many hybrids.  Best with fertiliser & some shelter

LODERI 'KING GEORGE' H3-4 Tall ML * One of the finest hybrids. Huge white fls, with a magnificent, sweet scent. Grows large, forming a tree. Best in light shade in southern areas and the rather delicate and yellowish leaves require shelter from strong winds.

MATADOR H4 Low-Medium M Fine pure blood red. Foliage like its parent R. strigillosum but more compact and later flowering.

NANCY EVANS H4 Med ML Deepest yellow with orange flushing in rounded trusses. Free-flowering, compact, with bronzy new growth. Needs sharp drainage. Recommended.

POLAR BEAR H3-4 Tall VL * Scented white in July and August. Best in light shade and requires shelter from wind and unseasonable frosts, especially as a young plant.

RED & GOLD (CORNUBIA VARIEGATED) H3 Low EM-M Bright red. Leaves with spectacular bold yellow variegation. The best variegated rhododendron for moderate climates.

SEPTEMBER SONG H3-4 Med ML Orange-salmon, paler in the centre. A compact, vigorous plant with good foliage, which buds up young. One of the best of this colour.

Rhododendron Sir Charles Lemon

SIR CHARLES LEMON H3 Tall EM $ Pure white, speckled red, in April. Very fine foliage: dark leaves with deep reddish indumentum. Takes a few years to flower.

THOR H4 Low, M Long lasting bright red in loose trusses. Flowers well even in some shade.

TIDBIT H3-4 Med ML Red buds, pale yellow, with a red throat. Good in woodland. A fine compact and unusual hybrid with good foliage.

VANESSA PASTEL H3-4 Low ML Irresistible cream flushed pink, red throat. Compact habit. A sell out every garden open day.

WARDII X MACABEANUM H4 Tall EM-M $ Huge, long-lasting, yellow, blotched red. Glendoick hybrid with large leaves for gardens where R. macabeanum is not hardy. Needs wind shelter.

Rhododendron wardii x macabeanum

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