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Win this stunning Ernest Charles Chatsworth Bird Table worth £149.99, together with 4kg of peanut bird food.

This competition opens on Tuesday 15th September 2015

  • This bird table is made of solid pine construction with hexagonal roof complete with slate effect finish.
  • All the timber is environmentally treated and guaranteed to last 15 years.
  • It’s easy to assemble and to simple to keep clean using a mild detergent.
  • Suitable for a wide range of bird feeds: seed mixes, fat balls, suet treats, dried mealworms and peanuts. 

Total height: 1760mm. Table size: L 580mm W 580mm H 570mm Chatsworth bird table £149.99

Comes with 1 large 4kg bag of Gardman bird food. A fantastic start for your feathered friend.

You can look up some bird sounds on Gardman's website:

Be sure to regularly move bird tables around your garden to avoid unhygienic build up of feed deposits.

Gardman Advice on the Best Bird Foods for Winter:

A high energy seed mix - a staple requirement for wild birds for energy, vitamins, minerals and oils - suggest either Gardman No Grow or Winter Warmer

Sunflower hearts - a true super food for wild birds with more calorific value, oils and energy than peanuts and eaten more readily by birds due to softer and smaller.

Suets - an essential high energy food for winter to allow wild birds to survive the cold weather. A selection of suets helps to provide this to all wild birds. This includes

Suet balls - a widely fed suet product, for maximum energy I would suggest our new premium fat snax or Ernest Charles fat snax due to their sgnificantly higher energy than others

Suet rolls - an ultra high energy food fed in the same way as suet balls

Suet feasts - a high energy alternative to suet balls with softer suet for easier feeding and higher energy

Suet treats - bite size high energy suet treats, feeds quicker and prefered by many birds. A real favourite of robins

Mealworms - with a lack of natural occuring insects, these are the nearest available alternative to the natural thing. High in protein and energy

The robin is the uk's favourite garden bird, to attract and provide the best for this beautiful bird over the winter you should:

1) provide feeding locations that are from a platform, feeding tray, ground feeder or bird table - robins prefer feeding from a flat surface and tend to be reluctant to feed from hanging feeders

2) provide a high energy mix of their favourite foods including

Robin seed mix / Winter Warmer - robin seed mix is a mix specifically for robins but Winter Warmer allows you to provide everything they like and focus on attracting the most birds

Sunflower hearts are a favourite with high energy and easy to break seed they are a winner

Mealworms - a close resemblance to insects in a robin's natural diet and great for attracting many other species too

Suet - suet treats are a favourite of robins as they are perfect bite size and packed with calories.


So there you have all the info you need to get the most of your garden birds.

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Everything you need to feed the birds this winter!