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Glendoick Garden Centre, Glencarse, Perth, PH2 7NS

COLLECTION DWARF RHODODENDRON (10) Collections Special Offers & Collections


(£79.68) inc vat
10 dwarf hybrids Crane (white), Egret (white), fastigiatum Indigo Steel (blue), Glendoick Flamingo (bright pink), Joachim Reich (double purple), Patty Bee (yellow), Pintail (pink), Ramapo (lavender), Treecreeper (cream-pink), Wee Bee (pink). Small and slow growing dwarf rhododendrons, ideal for massing for a 6 week period of flower. SAVE 33%
Out of Stock
H4 hardy
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Mail order is only available for orders over £250+ ex vat, and over £500 ex vat to Norway, (for March delivery by sea only)

Smaller orders may be placed for collection from Glendoick.

We can deliver plants to societies/groups who wish to club together to place orders, invoiced to and delivered to one address.


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