Welcome to Glendoick Garden Centre, an award winning and independently owned family business.

    Glendoick's nursery was founded in 1953 by Euan and Peter Cox

    Glendoick Garden Centre opened in 1973 

    Owners Peter and Kenneth Cox are world-renowned rhododendron experts

    Glendoick have bred and launched over 100 new commercial rhododendron and azalea hybrids.

    Peter and Kenneth Cox have written over 20 books on rhododendrons and other horticultural subjects.

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    Books by Glendoick owners Peter & Kenneth Cox

    Glendoick's Owners. Peter & Kenneth Cox have written over 20 books on rhododendrons, plant hunting, Scottish gardens and gardening. 4 of Peter & Ken's books, Scotland for Gardeners, Seeds of Adventure and Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland  were UK Garden books of the year. Woodland Gardening was European Gardening Book of the Year 2014

    Books are available at Glendoick Garden Centre and Mail Order

    Books on Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Woodland Gardening, Plant Hunting

    Woodland Gardening Glendoick Publications 2018 Winner European Gardening Book of the Year 2018-19

    Riddle of the Tsangpo Gorges by Frank Kingdon Ward. New Edition, ed. Kenneth Cox, Antique Collector’s Club 2001, 2007

    Glendoick, A Guide, Glendoick Publishing

    Rhododendrons and Azaleas: A Colour Guide, Crowood Press 2005.

    Seeds of Adventure Peter Cox, Peter Hutchison, Antique Collectors Club 2008












    Kenneth Cox Best Selling Scotland Books

    Garden Plants for Scotland,   Frances Lincoln 2008 (Kenneth Cox with Raoul Curtis Machin)

    Scotland for Gardeners  Birlinn 2009  2nd Edition 2014  Winner Inspirational Garden Book of the Year 2009. Garden Media Guild

    Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland   with Caroline Beaton,  Birlinn 2012  Winner Garden Reference of the Year 2012

    Gardening Made Simple      Glendoick Publishing 2021  Kenneth Cox

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    Ken Cox’s Woodland Gardening Book, the definitive work on the subject is now available in our webshop

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    Welcome to Glendoick Gardens

    Situated 1/2 mile behind the Glendoick Garden centre on the southern slopes of the Sidlaw Hills. Glendoick Gardens are open April and May 10am to 4pm. Tickets need to be bought from the garden centre. You can then drive up and park at the drive side. There are two main areas. The woodland garden is up the track to the left from the parking area. The house gardens are around Glendoick House. 

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    Glendoick one of Europe's Top 50 Gardens

    Glendoick one of Europe's Top 50 Gardens

    Glendoick was included in the Independent on Sunday's exclusive survey of Europe's Top 50 Gardens, and boasts a unique collection of plants collected by three generations of Coxes from their plant-hunting expeditions in China and the Himalaya.

    The finest collections of rhododendrons and azaleas

    The finest collections of rhododendrons and azaleas

    You can see one of the finest collections of rhododendrons and azaleas, primula, meconopsis, kalmia and sorbus in our woodland garden, walled garden and nursery.

    Many of the Rhododendron and azalea species and hybrids have been introduced from the wild or bred by the Cox family and the gardens boast a huge range of plants from as far afield as Chile, Tasmania and Tibet.

    Three waterfall viewing platforms have been built in the woodland gardens. 

    Peter and Kenneth Cox have written numerous books on rhododendrons and gardens. Kenneth Cox's book Scotland for Gardeners describes 500 of Scotland's finest gardens.

    The History of Glendoick

    The story starts in Dundee, a port on the east coast of Scotland, which until recently was known for three things: Jute, Jam and Journalism. The Cox family were integral to the jute story in the 19th and early 20th centuries: the family firm...

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