Glendoick Plant Ranges

Our plant area team at Glendoick sells only the best plants for Scottish Conditions. We've been selling plants at our garden centre since 1973 and growing plants at Glendoick since 1953.

Kenneth Cox's books Garden Plants for Scotland and Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland are based on years of research and interviews with Scotland's top growers. 

Whether you have a windy seaside garden, a cold inland garden or a small plot in the clay soils of the Carse of Gowrie, we can give you the ideal list of plants to make your garden beautiful

 Information on Choosing Plants for Scotland

  • 100 Best Plants for Scotland 16 page Leaflet now online only (By Kenneth Cox)
  • Kenneth Cox's books on Scottish Plants, Gardens and Fruit and Vegetables for Scotland.
  • Advice Sheets on choosing Plants: soils , Rabbits and Deer and many more available in store

Trees for Scotland