Plant in May

Plant in May

Everything is starting to grow now: buds swelling, blossom opening, leaves unfurling. You might need some fleece to protect your early flowers on frosty nights in inland gardens. Try to take fleece off again before it gets wet as heavy wet fleece can do more damage than not having it.

May is the month to plant:

Raymond Evison Clematis

The world's greatest Clematis breeder Raymond Evison is based in Guernsey. Each year new varieties are launched at Chelsea and we have lots of his amazing varieties in stock right now, about to burst into flower.   


Perennials and Alpines

huge range in now. coming into flower Aquilegia (columbine), Scabious, Iberis, Aubretia, Trillium, and lots more


Massive range in now. Bush, Climbers, Shrub. Patio Roses will be in later on, at the end of May.


April and May are the months to plant herbs. Plant out the hardy ones: thyme, mint etc first and leave the more tender herbs such as basil till early June. 


Our lavender are grown for us by the best grower in the UK Whetman Pinks.. and are on sale £7.99 2 for £14. Amazing range of both french and english lavender in many colours. 'Havanna' is a hardy dark blue... new variety. 

Vegetable plants 

You’ll find our full range of vegetable plants coming in each week. Beans hate cold and cold winds so protect them with fleece on cold nights and with beans, pot a few up and keep them indoors as an insurance in case the weather turns cold.