Christmas 2023

This year's spectacular Christmas Themes:

The Kingdom of the Ice Bear & Princess Snow

  • Princess Snow lives here in a cluster of Ice diamonds set in the frozen grip of the high Arctic.
  • Princess Snow's friends cook up candy cane treats in the Castle Kitchen while the Nutcrackers stand guard at the Castle Gate.
  • Princess Snow flies across the skies in her magical carriage pulled by her Royal Bears.
  • The Northern lights twinkle with a rainbow of stars.
  • The Ice Throne Room and Sir Glen await your visit in a flurry of snowflakes and glistening icicles.
  • The Castle Village is full of Christmas Cheer and Snow's favourite Pets have fun scaling the castle wall.
  • The Castle Dungeon sparkles with lights.

I'm a Present, Get me out of Here


Back to Nature this Christmas

  • Take inspiration from our Forest, rewild yourself and bring a little Nature to your home this Christmas. Nurtured by the world around you, dip into our Forest Bathing theme where a spiritual feel for a happy peaceful festive season in rich rustic luxe will calm your soul.
  • Feast yourself on stunning decorations and table ideas at our Forest Banquet from berries to toadstools with dark traditional Scottish charm .
  • Chill out in our Forest Boho Retreat cocooned in the warmth and magic of the trees
  • Join our infamous Elves camp for some Forest Busking.
  • Pick up some new treasured possessions and fill your home with beauty and joy.

 Forest bathing in our christmas fir wood.