Garden jobs for January

Garden jobs for January
  • Cut back the dead and dying foliage: the last of the herbaceous perennials: grasses, daisy family. The cuttings can be used to mulch the beds.
  • Prune blackcurrant bushes (remove all stems which fruited last year), gooseberries and redcurrants.
  • Mulch   To conserve moisture and cut down on weeds, consider mulching beds with coarse bark. On special offer now.
  • Feed the birds: huge range of bird food in now. Fatballs are particularly good for energy for birds in the coldest months of the year.
  • To force rhubarb try placing an upturned bucket or bin over the crown this will produce tender pink stems to grow that should be ready to harvest in March or early April..
  • Plant: Summer flowering bulbs, onions and seed potatoes are in stock from the last week of January/1st week of February.
  • Plant bare root hedging: beech, privet etc. Should be planted by March at the latest.
  • Harvest: parsnips, swede & turnips, sprouting broccoli, Brussels sprouts, leeks, Jerusalem artichokes.
  • Buy seeds for early sowings (in greenhouses and propagators) sweet peas, chilli peppers. Johnsons seed ranges in now.