Artificial Flowers and Plants

Forever Flowers

We love real flowers. But there is a time and a place for artificial flowers too. Whilst real flowers offer invigorating scents and the satisfaction of flower arranging, these less perishable but equally reviving floral beauties offer a few outstanding benefits of their own. It may be one of the best home decor investments you ever make.

You don't have to wait until flowers are in season, stunning bouquets are always there and guest ready as well. They don't cause allergies and they can live anywhere, filling annoying dark corners with a sense of the gardens we love. They make a great centrepiece, lift a hallway with drama and are a lovely gift. 

Pick your own flowers, choose from a pre-made bunch or ask us about a Special Order.






Artificial Plants

We love real plants best of all but sometimes an artificial plant is a good choice for you and your home. Create your very own green style space, hanging plant bohemian utopia or exotic bathroom spa with our lifelike artificial plants. Have fun creating instant updates and placing greenery wherever you want it without any of the needs of caring for real plants.

Artificial plants last many years, are non-allergic and have even been shown to have similar psychological and cognitive health benefits making them a great option for creating a relaxing botanical home environment.

Place a large statement Monstera in a dark corner, hang ferns in a tricky bathroom, fill your hall with screening grasses, feature little succulents on your desk and cascade trailing greenery and from your book shelves. Garlands are a quick and easy way to green up stair banisters or drape ivy from shelves for a cool indoor garden interior. You can even mix them in with your real houseplants. Our artificial plants are so high quality sometimes they almost look real – just remember they don’t need watering!

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