Plant in April

Plant in April

Everything is starting to grow now: buds swelling, blossom opening, leaves unfurling. You might need some fleece to protect your early flowers on frosty nights. Try to take it off again before it gets wet as heavy wet fleece can do more damage than not having it.

Plant: Dwarf rhododendrons. Glendoick’s are the world’s leading specialists in dwarf rhododendrons and have bred over 30 different hybrids, all with bird names: Ptarmigan, Curlew, Crane, Razorbill and many more. You’ll find a full range at Glendoick with flowers starting to show in early April.

Glendoick's Rhododendrons and Azaleas in flower now.

Perennials and Alpines: huge range in now.

Roses a good range in now. Climbers, bush roses, Shrub.

Patio Roses will be in later on, at the end of May.

Standard roses come in later in the season.

Magnolias and Camellias

Glendoick's camellias and magnolias are grown on site and are the best selections for Scotland. They are coming into flower now and you can see them on our woodland gardens open daily (£5) which are 1/2 mile from the garden centre. Buy tickets at the garden centre and drive up.



This is the month the best range of herb plants is available, from mid April onwards. Plant out the hardy ones: thyme, mint etc.

It is too early to plant out the more tender herbs such as basil. These are best grown indoors until June.

Vegetable Plants

You’ll find our full range of vegetable plants coming in soon. Beans hate cold and cold winds so protect them with fleece on cold nights and with beans, pot a few up and keep them indoors as an insurance in case the weather turns cold.