Plants in September

Plants in September

Japanese anemone

Everyone loves these for late summer and autumn colour. Very hardy with flower head up to 50cm-1m . Deep-rooted, they dislike being moved once established. Pink and white forms, double or single.


There are two main flowering periods for heathers and heaths, late summer and early Spring. And late August and September are the months to choose from the widest range of flower and foliage colours. We sell small 9cm plants and larger 1 and 2 litre sizes. 

Plant in groups of 3-5 of each cultivar for a large bed, or singly in a small space. The Heather Society recommend using 5 plants per square metre in order to carpet the ground completely.

The key to good-looking heathers is to shear them after flowering for the spring and summer varieties, cutting back to below the flowering heads. The autumn-flowering ones will only need an occasional tidy up in spring. 


Crocosmia (or montbretia as they used to be known) are really popular providers of late summer colour. They grow from corms (bulbs) and send up sword like leaves in summer followed by red, orange or yellow flowers in late August and September. The orange and red ones are the toughest and 'Lucifer' the most popular of the red forms. Some of the yellow and bicolours are a little less hardy and are best not far from the coast: Perth, Dundee, St Andrews and similar will be fine. They can spread around rather too vigorously especially in coastal gardens but they are not too hard to pull up if you need to. Trouble free and not fussy about soil conditions they should come up year after year. They look great planted with ornamental grasses.